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Welcome to my digital abode 👋

As an adventurer I love to sail, surf, and when I can’t hit the ocean I’ll take my surfskate for a cruise. As an explorer I have lived up and down Califonia’s coast - San Diego, Santa Barbara, San Francisco - as well as the South Pacific Island of Tahiti and New Zealand. As a life long learner I am in pursuit of my next certification or digging around the corners of a favorite pastime.

Data or information, knowledge, and the value they can perform is the economy I work in. Building interactive dashboards for real-time action oriented decision making. The crawling, the collecting, the exploring, mutating and munging, working intimately with data to reveal true value and insights.

I work with young students in their mid-teens as a tutor. A growth mindset and the power of ‘Yet’ are core to my program. Inspiring in students an ownership of their academics. I mentor them to become self-guided learners. Teaching them to meditate on a love for learning and devote themselves to an appreciation of their educational opportunity.

Education #

University of California San Diego (UCSD)

  • B.S. Cognitive Science | 2013
  • M.n. Applied Mathematics | 2013

Continued Education #


  • Google Data Analytics Professional Certification | 2022
  • Meta iOS Developer Certification | 2023



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Jerad Acosta
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Jerad Acosta