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How To Change Gear On Trucks


  • Write-up how to for changing truck gear
  • Make How To for creating GIF
    • Write up How To for posting self make GIF on Jekyll blog

First attempt trying to place a GIF I made of me replacing the truck gear on my skateboard.

How to change the gear on the trucks of a skateboard

The other day I was grabbing some new bearings for my board after commuting a few days in the rain and ruining my last set. While at the board shop I decided to grab some new gear for my trucks since I would be under the deck anyways.

Upon returning home I through all the gear out onto the floor to begin my assent only to find myself slightly puzzled with a few combinations. I’ve been casually skating and customizing my boards for over a decade so this was a routine task. Granted, I recently returned for a few years hiatus, but nothing that should make me dull in the face of a few bolts and washers. And still, I found myself looking at the connical bushing trying to imagine the physics of my board in motion and which of the 4 possible combinations made sense (cone up on top, and down on bottom or up on bottom? cone down on top and down on bottom, or what it up on bottom?). Regardless, it was nothing google could fix. After all, that was the most likely cause of my temporary lapse in trade-skill. With the ability to google everything, why memorize silly orders like this. Unfortunately most the the stuff on google was related to either conical with barrel bushings, or was a picture without a view of the bottom bushing. It was during this process that I committed myself to creating a perfect mix of the most explicit instructions on how to install conical over conical bushing on a board in the easiest to produce medium. Having recently started this blog, it made sense to host it here leading me to digital mediums that worked with static based websites. A GIF quickly came to mind.

I had quite a bit of fun putting this together. Doing everything from changing the gear and bearings, to creating the GIFs and this post was done in less than 2 hours.
I had so much fun, in-fact, I decided that the second installment in my How To posts would consist of How To create a GIF from static images (taking on an iPhone in my case but that is not important) using PhotoShop CS6. There are many other ways to create GIFs I discovered, however, with PhotoShop you do not get the watermark from some online site branding your good work. And At least CS4 through Creative Cloud have this capability - though it does differ slightly so look for more specific instruction online.

So here it is: How to install conical over conical bushing gear on your trucks

A view of the board from the side side view of trucks

A view of the board from up top top view of trucks

A view of the board from an angle angle view of trucks

A view of the board from on top followed by a view from the side top-side view of trucks

And my favorite: the top and side view alternating between iterations. top-side-switch view of trucks

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