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Welcome to iOS with Swift: YALA (Yet Another Learning Affair)

Intro to iOS App Development with Swift is the first course in the Udacity iOS Developer Nanodegree. To successfully complete the program, the user is evaluated on 5 projects. Each of the 5 projects is based on a unique course. The first project on which my current course is based is called: Pitch Perfect. The requirement for this project is to:

Build an app that records a message and plays the audio back through user-selected filters

This immediately makes me think of the ultimate prank calling dial bored. Gone are the days that necessitate preconfigured soundboards with recorded and arranged lesser famours movies quotes from the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, such as fan favorite “Stop tha car!!!”

To be young in 2016. Is this a celebration worthly plateau of our societies evolution; with a single introductory course on programming, you can record audio to be distorted and played back as Darth Vader or the ever entertaining Chip Monk. The customizable messages that can be recorded and played on the spot allow for an entirely new dimension of communication across telephone lines. Perhaps *67 is a soon to be overdue need that requires significant investment now with promises of incredible returns!

Investing in the prank call demographic talk aside, I am very excited for this course and have already enjoyed a small binge through the first few lessons getting micro function apps to run in Xcode’s iOS simulator. As with all courses and programs I start - somewhere in the broad range of 10% and 65% of which I finish based on specifics - I am looking forward to finishing and acquiring the hard skills behind building and deploying a native iOS mobile application.

Mobile App Products: best when enjoyed alone

The product side to mobile application development has always been very appitising to me. As a one-man-band you can sprint through discovery of a problem and future use case in your daily life, ideation of solutions my favorite being innovative and clever, testing and iterations through rapid prototyping for real-world solution-based market-validation (that sounds like something important enough to buy), and finally deployment of the product as a mobile application.

With platforms like the iOS App Store, distribution and customer reach are no longer an expensive or even company threatening hurdle. Simple code, compile then throw it out there for the world to apply - well, maybe it’s a little more involved than that. Actually it is the way those extra pieces play in that, again, make mobile application development so attractive to a one-man, product-building, company-harvesting machine.

Through each iteration of the testing phase, the one-man developer team should be participating in much more than functional problem solving. This is where a lot of the UX is given the opporunity to

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