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Welcome to Scala: an anticipated learning affair

Yesterday I pulled together ambition and enthusiasm to learn The Scala Programming Language. This particular interest has evaded for me quite sometime. A couple years ago I was hedging my practice of over-committing my time resources and spreading myself too thin by questioning the long-term value of playing around with what was a much younger and more debated framework. And over the past year I’ve moved to a new city, started a new job, got married, moved 3 times and focused the majority of my educational efforts on personal campaigns such as becoming a Certified Scrum Master, learning the softer skills behind Project and Product Management, reading a few books on building and designing products and services from a strategic consulting perspective, and picking up some hard skills with management software - such as JIRA - and the awesome design software Sketch.

Well, enough time had passed, I recently built a data dashboard app in R after this few month coding hiatus which quickly turned into two more side projects and while I love R, I new it wasn’t the right tool for what I am looking to build next. I immediately assumed I would be working in python and started participating in some local workshops and committing so an open source project to get back in the swing of things until I began to question everything - and I mean EVERYTHING!

Soon enough I found myself surrounded with indecision and had to pull out a few of my professional practice tools usually reserved for my developer teams to make quick decisions around technical issues. All of this was great but began feeling like too much work for a passion project. So I started to dig through some old notes, came across some early work I had started planning with Scala and it immediately became clear that I knew what I wanted to do: Scala would be my new tool. And easily just as fun as building would be learning.

And so, thanks to Coursera and the swiss EPFL, I have begun my endeavor to learn Scala. This program is focusing on applying the functional aspects of Scala to “Write elegant functional code to analyze data that’s big or small” but I am just as excited about frameworks such as using Scala.js in combination with something like Node.js to build robust front-end web applications as well.

Now that I have up, I hope to continue to document my progress, enjoyment, frustrations and failures through here as well. My Github Repo is up for my first course, Functional Programming Principles in Scala, in the Functional Programming in Scala Specialization that I hope to work through.

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