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Open Your Computer's Vision with videoplayR

Work in Progress

As a work in progress this should be along with quite a few other posts here in my _drafts folder. However, for this one, I remote access to its current state for other project I have going on. (I have no excuse for the myriad of other unfinished drafts in my _posts directory but I do have hopes that I’ll get around to them - It’s just that greedy habit of mine to prioritize learning and experience over sharing and teaching. I love ‘em all but time only permits about the top 1.5 ~ 2% of the activities swirling around in my head at any moment)

As of the writing of this post, videoplayR is unfortunately not currently available through CRAN. It is currently - as far as my R package creation and management understanding goes - not possible for this to be supported and easily installed through CRAN. This is strictly a result of the package’s external dependency on OpenCV - a library that most likely doesn’t require introduction for most interested in this post. Written in C++ requires some multi-platform setup to ship OpenCV with the videoplayR package through CRAN which presents a host of issues beyond my current ability to explain (read: beyong my current understanding).

HOWEVER: There is a way and a somewhat simple one at that!

If you are at all familiar with Homebrew, CRAN, and installing R packages from Github using the [devtools package][devtools], then please: list any issues and solutions you may have had while tinkering around.
If you don’t know any of this, fret-not, I hope to make this an easy to walk through example of some Computer Vision fun to be had within R. If you prefer MacPorts as your package manager I will add instructions for Port as well. Note, however, that I personally used and acquired all my hard earned lessons and battle scars managing OpenCV2.3 and OpenCV3 via Homebrew (after installing the OpenCV library AND correctly linking all the necessary paths, the R parts were a walk in the park - so maybe that says more about my choice of package management tool than the difficulty of this tutorial)

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