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Operations Analytics Wharton

Operations Analytics is the second of four courses in the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania’s online program and professional certification program in Business Analytics.
Taught by Wharton’s top industry professionals and globally acclaimed academics. Digital content managed and distributed through Coursera. The Business Analytics Specialization is a 5 part professional certification program. The first four courses are taken directly from Wharton’s MBA program - identical in the lecture material, course content, requirements, assignments and exams. Of particular interest to me is the final portion, a Capstone Project created specifically for the Coursera online program. Coursera has sponsored some great Capstone Projects in collaboration with world class universities. I believe the Capstone Projects to be more than the proof of learning portfolio stuffer I originally took them for when first approaching professional certification programs. What I have found, both in my studies and in my career, is that these Capstone Projects represent a great achievement in the practical application of a hard earned education. To lead oneself through the rough waters of education via studying video lectures and reading academic papers alone, frustratingly stumbling upon the hardest as often as the simplest but overlooked problems, is a test in willpower just as much as any in mental aptitude. So, aside from being one of the many great Capstone Projects, what makes this professional certification in Business Analytics Specialization so intriguing starts with the partnership that developed this project for Wharton and Coursera: Yahoo!

Yahoo has been no stranger to economic strife and has fallen victim to what appears to be an intensely perceptive corporate anxiety - perhaps one of view, if not the only, things flowing unilaterally without impedance throughout the entire organization.

Taking the current state of affairs into consideration, along with a generous portion of the historic successes among technological and business accomplishments won by the same organization - many within the same decade - provide a complex canvas for an eager scholar. Crowning the perfection as a practical display of learned skills and techniques, Capstone students will be developing a data-driven corporate strategy by calling upon the recently acquired adroitness on the Customer, Operations, People and Accounting Analytics that appear all but missing from the companies current Business Analytics production.

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