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Internet of Me by Jerad Acosta

A place to reference, recite, rinse and repeat my efforts, failures, thoughts and progress, delusions and regressions, but mostly a sandbox for whoever I am at the moment. Perhaps I'll occasionally enjoy the reminiscing with the castles or taking census of the endless games of tic-tac-toe etched in my box.

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Create a static page for information like Research, Publications, Awards, CV, Resume, and any information for this site that merits more than the ephemeral disposition imposed upon the content by a blog centered content scheme.


Aw, the days of MySpace
I’m sure some would say those days have not passed, and that MySpace is still a viable social platform - …on second thought, probably not.
In any case, I am not ashamed that I had one - because we all did! In fact, I revel in the fact that there is a time capsule of my wrenching teenage soul; or is it a tombstone? Whatever it is, here is my space: The MySpace of Jerad Acosta circa 2001 to 2005. What fun to have captured and perhaps held over my head. Now if only I could remember what Blink-182 song’s lyrics were my password ;-P

Google Sites

I created this Google Sites page in 2011 to catalog the research I was conducting at UCSD. This was a very exciting time as I had quickly gone from volunteering for lab experiments to running my own experiments and was even given significant free reign over the work I would do as I earned access to greater resources.


Not quite sure what Portfolium did for me. It looks like a place to try and seem smarter or more important and perhaps appear more diligent than I actually am; aw, must be a job finding site! Well, Here is my Portfolium Site

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