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A place to reference, recite, rinse and repeat my efforts, failures, thoughts and progress, delusions and regressions, but mostly a sandbox for whoever I am at the moment. Perhaps I'll occasionally enjoy the reminiscing with the castles or taking census of the endless games of tic-tac-toe etched in my box.

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The Cost of Weather in Lives and Dollars Published to rPubs October 26th, 2016

Cost of Weather in Lives and Dollars was published in RPubs statistical, Machine Learning, and Data Analytics research on October 26th, 2014.

The inquiry and analytics are based on data composed by NCDC who collected it from the National Weather Service. The data comes from research on weather data collected across the United States of America.

Tactile Interface

Meeting Students in my summar Scholar program Over the summer of 2012 I conducted research at the amazing CaliT2 at UCSD. It was during this time I created a tactile interface for interacting with digital objects through touch and sensation of texture. An article was published showing the early days of this Scholar program as well as a brief description of my work to come: Immersive Visualization: Combining Touch, Vision, and Sound.

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