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Internet of Me by Jerad Acosta

A place to reference, recite, rinse and repeat my efforts, failures, thoughts and progress, delusions and regressions, but mostly a sandbox for whoever I am at the moment. Perhaps I'll occasionally enjoy the reminiscing with the castles or taking census of the endless games of tic-tac-toe etched in my box.

The Arduino Platform and C Programming

The Arduino Platform and C Programming Course is the second class in the five-course program Programming The Internet of Things (IoT) that is completed with a capstone project as a hands on practical research and development. The Professional Certification is offered by the University of California Irvine.

! References: ¡Left Blank Intentionally! below here in the source code are reference links that can be reused throughout the article. ###TODO Check if you can use reference links from other posts without reciting them on each page ¿can there be ‘Global’ reference links - or image sources - that can be used on multiple pages?

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