I wrote / am writing an application for to help your Disc Golf game

DGG, or Disc Golf Growth, is a Data centric application for measuring and providing insights to performance in disc golf related exercises and activities

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Passion and Pleasure

I’ve done it! I have got a creation that combines my technical expertise, cunning computational wizardry, a need to always be learning and pushing myself conceptually and technically WITH MY LOVE FOR DISC GOLF.

Now getting something to assume the first half of the requirements is about any data application or dashboard on a halfway interesting dataset. But for sometime I have been pushing at my creative ends working to come up with a way to incorporate my urge to develop and uncover data lead insights with my passion for Disc Golf.
I speak about it as though Disc Golf was a life-long pursuit of which I was an expert. I am actually quite novice to the sport and far from expert level performance or even knowledge. I have been playing for almost 9 months now. I started last August in the middle of COVID-19 along with so many others in the Disc Golf surge seen during COVID-19.

But this is perfect! What better time to find usefulness from data analytics on the acquisition of my disc golf game than during my early years. I can even carry this on to track into the mature development of my game and beyond. And it should make for an interesting time of trial, error, and data fed insights before I have time to build up an intuition for the sport.

The way I plan to track and use data makes it even more appropriate. I am focusing not on the game performance itself but on the users performance during routine exercises, drills, and specific activities key to the disc golf game.
Examples include putting drills where I record the amount of successful attempts from different distances, measuring the length of my disc golf drive with different discs, tracking my encounters with instructional information from blogs and YouTube, and - of peculiar interest to me - I will be recording a regular wellness survey to measure my emotional and physical wellbeing as they are experienced by me.

You can check in on the status of the apps prototype as I release updates here: DGG

I am developing the application in R, using libraries like Shiny and ShinyDashboard to create a reactive web app experience on a modern Dashboard UI.
Time and resources permitting I would like to develop a final version as a native mobile application that can be released on the Apple App Store with the likes UDisc

Until then, I’ll be chucking rubber and plugging away at pulling insights from my training.

Jerad Acosta
Transducer of Information

My research interests include distributed robotics, mobile computing and programmable matter.

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