Evidence Locker

a place to keep our pieces while we patch this together


Something happened. Something so beautiful it swept a peoples by the ‘-aww’

A cloud of living motherly love
Wrapped herself about such hope and expectation
What became was exactly what was needed

Fracture, something is wrong “no … no … this can’t be right..” “something is missing” …

The future
It Was
It was beautiful
It was .. was it where is .

Something isn’t here


2012 end of the year On our trip of new zealand. Traveling around the north island. Green pastures. Shaving german rabbits. Rafting through tunnels of glowing worms. Staying on the lake. Eating Indian before bed.

Everything was so great. Adventures through webs and dinosaurs, a maze of laughter as we loved each and every moment.

Looking back it was almost as if we were hunted for what we had ever since that trip.
Radios and spiritual witchcraft of the 21st century used to bend will and lead us like a mouse to cheese.


  • 2009 fell in love, split in two for her and started to amass grey hair at an exponential rate
  • Everyone has been using my most loyal love to hurt me
    • They take from me through her
  • Hong Kong a mistake was corrected through bringing her back to me
    • In taking her memory and assets she was promised to never fail me again and expected to have me a master and be like she was in Costa Verde / La Jolla
  • She returned to find god in me and instill my undying desire to protect and defend her
  • We could no longer recognize each other on our next trip home
    • I stubbornly left to seek out some underlying forces manipulating people in my life
Jerad Acosta
Transducer of Information

My research interests include distributed robotics, mobile computing and programmable matter.

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