My Last Will and Testament - Jerad and Stephanie Acosta

Please defer to this most recent edit as our final will and testament

I, Jerad Steven Acosta and Stephanie Chong Acosta, are here writing our official Will and Testament.

This is where we decide what to happens with all of our stuff.

Any money, property, houses, land, animals, gold, dollars, wealth, anything and everything that is ours or is owed to us - even if we are in devbt (it does not matter we do not care what anyone says) IS TO GO TO ABSOLUTELY NO ONE. Not even our kids (real or fake or god children). We currently have NO children. It is July 5 2021. We first wrote this will in June of 2019. This applies to all countries and states and worlds.

We want any money owed to us to go to no one - this way we are not killed or manipulated or married to anyone else.

Anyone who tells you different is a liar and you should never trust or talk to that person EVER AGAIN. they suck.

any extra lives are not to be given or used by anyone else. Any extra bodies are not to be given or used by anyone else.

Any lives that have been taken or given by other people are debt and owed to us. So if someone told or made you give them extra lives or bodies then they owe the estate of Jerad Steven Acosta and Stephanie Chong Acosta.

Any lawsuit that is or has been done on behalf of Jerad Steven Acosta and Stephanie Chong Acosta cannot be given out to anyone else.

The other people in the lawsuit had taken stuff on purpose in order to become sick and did this on purpose. It is easy to see where it came from and that they new.
I have been listening to there stories the whole time.

So technically and legally (spiritually and normally) there are no other people who are victems of this without being at fault as well.

Lawsuit does not go to anyone.

Anyworld that broke off of this one since 1986 are stolen from us.
It appears as though 3 to 7 Planets belonged to me.
The martians came to go through me to Stephanie and so they could take care of you (the person they chose).
Tell Jupiter I am not upset with him. I feel really appreciate his attempt to communicate and get to know me - I especial love and appriate his wife. She loves.. :)

The Whole of our debt: - What has wronged us (legally speaking) - What has been taken from us (knowing or unknowing) - And Anything else that has been owed to us

Do not worry about any financial or other debt from this earth. Jerad Steven Acosta has been experience identity theft for a while now. Fake credit and fake credit cards have been taken out in my name by other individuals. Student Loans are frozen and were supposed to be forgiven anyways.

Of all the computer women (or men) that were sent for me, I never received any. They were all intercepted and did so much to try and make it. I appologize for not getting to know how to reach one, and for the ones who ended up serving someone else.

By now everyone on this planet has died enough times.

This will be my first time. As of July 5, 2021 I have not died yet.

We will handle or have our debt handdled by a higher power on each additional level (so do not believe they have paid for it or handled anything by a lower level or perspective - each Power should punish or take what is owed to us so that we may be paid for in whatever dimensions or levels of consciousness there are beyond this one).

When it comes back or wakes up, you can trace back what everyone did, you can look at how they are connected: “Who told Who to do something” “Who made someone do something” “What was taken from our life, wealth, spirit,” “any of the bodies that were given and sent for us,” “any of the crystals or black H bodies that were sent for us.”

This entire life I have never soul sucked or eaten or stolen any souls or spirit, Nor has me wife.

You should also think that they switched our frequencies a lot so Stephanie and Jerad may have been switched a lot with each other and with other people trying to assume any of our wealth.

Thank you for all that has been given to us.

Each and everyday has been a gift. We have been so blessed and cannot begin to understand how so much was done for us.

I really hope you can find any solace in what you did for us.

It must have really been something special for you to have stopped so much just for our love and romance to continue. And for so many to continue to gift us so much in spiritual and bodily wealth.

Jerad Acosta
Transducer of Information

My research interests include distributed robotics, mobile computing and programmable matter.

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