A New Media Concept

A new way for consuming and sharing culture through story telling

New Media Story Telling

Stories play out on multiple mediums such as audio podcast, written web and mobile app, broadcast, soular spectrum. Content strategy set to optimize consumer participation and engagement as well as lifestyle (pronouns: embodied experiencer / viewer / consumer).

The Way –> A “Level-One” Culture

The way was a methodology by which a small group of individuals could incept social progress and subconscious healing.
A planet becomes level-one when it is completely self sufficients. All the worlds necessary energy is harvested from itself by means such as heat energy from volcanic sources, wind and tide energy. Waiste and recycling is done in such a manner that the planet does not develop an excess rate which would consume more land over time and food is produced at a rate sufficient to provide the entire population with a nutritional diet.

The way was the idea of:

  • Using a select group of zeitgeist sensitive individuals
  • Who would travel together to feel for the subconscious activity of a given population
  • The measurement taken would be experienced and studied
  • Some target or desired zeitgeist or desired direction would be agreed upon
  • The group would meditate on what was needed in order make the social conscious or subconscios progress
Jerad Acosta
Transducer of Information

My research interests include distributed robotics, mobile computing and programmable matter.