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A place to reference, recite, rinse and repeat my efforts, failures, thoughts and progress, delusions and regressions, but mostly a sandbox for whoever I am at the moment. Perhaps I'll occasionally enjoy the reminiscing with the castles or taking census of the endless games of tic-tac-toe etched in my box.

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especially curated for those creatures who don't live on my site

Works Created As Part of My Johns Hopkins University Data Science Professional Certification

  • Natural Language Processing & Data Analysis to Identify Source of Text
    • A Milestone Report for the certification in Data Science I received from Johns Hopkins University
    • Purposed to express the importance of reproducibility in data science
    • Using Natural Language Processing techniques while parsing of large text based data sets, allowing me to quanitify and differentiate and identify the source of a of text as a twitter post, news article, or online blog post
  • Calculating the Cost of Weather in Lives and Dollars
    • An early piece of peered reviewed work in the Johns Hopkins program
    • This research was based on exploratory data analysis I conducted on a data set from the Nation Weather Service

Sharing Unnecessarily Hard Learned Lessons So Others Need Not

  • Plotly's Arrowhead Style Settings Report
    • A quick slide deck on how to use the R Plotly package's arrowhead style setting
    • This took an embarrassing amount of time. Not sure if I shared this out of fairness to others, or simply to justify my own ego's expense at such an elegant read: obvious solution

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