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I don’t advise giving much influence to single quotes but I do think they can provide a insight of sorts into who I am and how I choose to live

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If a pictures worth a 1,000 words then how many sums up a mans take on life? And whoever said a quote is an oversimplification and oftentimes used to promote a lifestyle that requires a complex set of heavily contextual aspects of living - oh that was me.
Everyone seems to love quotes. Framed they adorn our halls ..

Posters fill office break rooms; “Just hang in there” with little kitties dangling from a tree branch..

Some love these synoptic collection of words so much they have them immutably etched into their bodies..

But quotes can be dangerous. These seemingly innocuous arrangements sway opinion, influence behavior and even sculpt one’s worldly views. That’s an awful lot of influence for something that persists without context or a speaker to clarify use in specific situations.

Quotes That Sum Up To Encompass My Take On Life

If It’s Free Take Two

This was a favorite of my step father. Attending surf competitions from a young age we use to love visiting the brand booths. They always had samples to peddle showing off wax, or surf combs and sometimes leashes or nicer gear; and of course the all-to-common sticker - I must have had over a hundred stickers from a single competition one time.

No One Ever Said Life Was Fair

As the story goes, my grandmother used to always tell this to my mother when she would moan about not having or doing something the Jones’s kids got to. A single mother grandma had to make the most out of the money they had.

No One Ever Said Life Would Be Easy

Likewise - a single mother herself - my mom used to tell me this one each and every-time I used to shrug about having to do something I didn’t think I should be my responsibility.

Life Is But A Dream ..

  • Beyoncé 2015

lol, my wife and I love quoting this ever since Beyoncé’s HBO film, “Life Is But A Dream” came out. As much as we jokingly say it to one and other, we also know the truth of how true it really is. We have both traveled the world, gotten to do more than we could have ever wanted to and have two of the most loving families, now joined through our love. It really is some kinda fairy tail dream story and I don’t take that for granite ever!

Hakuna Matata

Making an appearance earlier on someones tattoo, this phrase is truly a Disney masterpiece. I love the song and frequent it on my play list, blasting it aloud from my car stereo. I believe every word of that song and strongly hold the phrase as a paramount life value.

You are what you eat

While I don’t have the best diet in the world I believe in this line in a multidimensional way. I believe you are what you eat, what you do, who you hang out with, what you read, where you came from, etc. I think this sums up contextually, that you are a product of your environment, as well as allowing you to get out what you put in to something. So here you are (currently), who you will be (future you) depends on what you do about it. I also believe we are fortunate to have so much to do about who we are and become; our capacity to take responsibility, nature designed us self-responsible, is an inherent gift.

One o’clock, two o’clock, three o’clock rock

It is always time to rock and roll. And I plan on doing so figuratively, metaphorically, literally and any other possible way I find to do so in the future. I love music and believe is connects us, like dancing, to forms of communication, self, culture, and the mind in a unique way. It is definitively therapeutic and has many added life values - like chic’s dig musicians that always helped.

If you aren’t early, you’re late

This is coming from someone notorious for being late. I must be subconsciously hooked on riding the clock - those who run out of gasoline more than they should know what I mean. I truth, being late is incredibly selfish. That is hard for me. I really identify as a giving and caring individual who likes to place others first, a servant leader. So when I am confronted with a characteristic that labels me as selfish I really have a hard time with that. Natural curse or illness I know not, I just want others to know I really do value your time and I love spending time with people so much. I just may offend you a little in the beginning is all. Promise I will make it up to you with validation and an honest desire to facilitate your agenda thereafter.

Jerad Acosta
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My research interests include distributed robotics, mobile computing and programmable matter.

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